Sunday, June 7, 2009

Open source attribution

Artist : SonjaSidhesong
Title :

Big Sonja at the Character Creation Screen


This is the link to my Online Presence project.

Friday, June 5, 2009

We have had to learn about copyright issues, so we were given some examples and had to write a post about it. Case study 1 was about George Harrison's hit "My Sweet Lord" and the hit song by "The Chiffons", "He's So Fine". He was found guilty of Subconsiously approriating the music. The 2 songs melody probably sounds somewhat alike but I am not an expert and am probably tone deaf so I guess it sounds similar, he was found guilty so the experts thought he did. Case study 2 was about the Chair that artist Lebbeus Woods drew back in 1987 which was used by Universal Studios in the film 12 Monkeys. They were found guilty and admitted to using it and had to go and edit it out but Lebbeus Woods said they didnt have to as long as they paid him for the copyright, which I assume they did. The 3rd case study was Keir Smith's movie "Oh so criminal" which used pirated material downloaded from the internet and edited to create this short movie about "The Fair Use and other Copyright Exceptions". He made this movie instead of writing to the government. Because I am new to this I am not sure if it should be allowed or not, I grew up in an age where computers and the internet didnt exist, or they did but the general public didnt have access to them. I am not sure if I would like my stuff plastered all over the internet for anybody to use as and how they liked. I guess I will have to do some more thinking on the subject. I am not sure if I like the idea of to much of myself being on the internet for anybody to see.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

5 chosen web feeds

My 5 chosen web feeds. Esquimedes un Luger MAS, she is spanish and I have no idea what she is saying but I like some of her artwork. neverbloggednever as she is a friend, RomePhotoBlog as I like the photos of Rome which I would like to visit one day, my own blog, plus Welcome to Flickr-Photos.
We had to make a movie in movie maker and upload it to our blog so here it is. There is no sound as the headphones werent working that day.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

This licence is the most restrictive of our six main licences, allowing redistribution. This licence is often called the “free advertising” licence because it allows others to download your works and share them with others as long as they mention you and link back to you, but they cannot change them in any way or use them commercially.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wk 11 Digital Literacy

Today in digital literacy we were learning about Electronic Arts in the Digital World. We had to check out 2 of the artists that we were given that use the digital world to create art. I chose to look at Lucy Kimbal. She created a website, It is a site that you interact with and vote on, there are various different things like the most evil character on tv and the movies, or who in the world should have the most power, there is also one about global warming and you vote on what you think is the worst contributor to global warming. On that site there is also a lot of informatiom on global warming as well, then you go to another page and check out the results. It was a very interesting site from which you could learn quite a lot.
The 2nd artist I went to are Thomson and Craighead. They are british artists who use webcams to create some of there work. One of there works was showing the light in Tonga back in britain the day before. Because of the different time zones Tonga is ahead of Britain so they were able to show what the light was like on a certain date but back home it was still the night before. It is called Light From Tomorrow. The website is They have also used the same format of using webcams and filmed planes taking off from an airport called Short Films about Flying. They are bringing out another 10min film in July called A Short Film about War. It was made using some images from flickr and military and civilians blogs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

week10 digital literacy

Three different ways to develop an online presence: Blogging - you can tell people about yourself, what you like, or talk about anything you wish, show photos of your artwork and yourself.
Through a website - you could create your own website about yourself and your art practice, add links to other relevant sites such as your blog, you can add photos of yourself as well as your artwork, a CV if you wish.
Other online communities such as '' which is an online community for artists, where they can promote themselves, their work, and let people know of any shows or exhibitions that they may be having etc.
The best option for me I think at this stage would be a blog. Mainly because this is all new to me and I am still learning to use this. But when I am more confident I will certainly try the other options.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here is some of the pictures we have had to download for digital literacy, there is some of my artworks there to, some aren't finished yet though. There is a couple of paintings and some photos that I took for photography.

Free Software

Hi this week we were learning about Free Software. As I understand Free Software it is free for anyone to use, study, change within reason, it can be copied as well. Here are 5 types of free software that is available, there is more though, Open Office which is an office program with all the usual type of office programs such as Word, Excel, Presentations eg. Powerpoint, etc. This program can also open files that were created using microsoft 98 or any of the other ones like 2003. It is not quite ready to do the 2007 version yet. They also have Inkscape which is for Illustrating, GIMP which is and does the same things as Photoshop, there is Wordpress which is for blogging, there is also Ubuntu which is a Linux operating system. I have friends that use Linux and they say it is much easier to use and they swear by it.

Stephen Fry on free software from DragonWeb on Vimeo.

Stephen Fry on Free Software

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is the 1st time I have done a blog. I am not sure I will do this very often but its been fun so far. I am doing my 1st year at art school and I am loving it. Besides our core subjects I have done Photography, which I really enjoyed and I just finished Sculpture last wk, and I loved sculpture, it was so much fun. I loved the casting process and hope to do more of it soon.