Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Software

Hi this week we were learning about Free Software. As I understand Free Software it is free for anyone to use, study, change within reason, it can be copied as well. Here are 5 types of free software that is available, there is more though, Open Office which is an office program with all the usual type of office programs such as Word, Excel, Presentations eg. Powerpoint, etc. This program can also open files that were created using microsoft 98 or any of the other ones like 2003. It is not quite ready to do the 2007 version yet. They also have Inkscape which is for Illustrating, GIMP which is and does the same things as Photoshop, there is Wordpress which is for blogging, there is also Ubuntu which is a Linux operating system. I have friends that use Linux and they say it is much easier to use and they swear by it.

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