Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wk 11 Digital Literacy

Today in digital literacy we were learning about Electronic Arts in the Digital World. We had to check out 2 of the artists that we were given that use the digital world to create art. I chose to look at Lucy Kimbal. She created a website, www.powerleague.org.uk. It is a site that you interact with and vote on, there are various different things like the most evil character on tv and the movies, or who in the world should have the most power, there is also one about global warming and you vote on what you think is the worst contributor to global warming. On that site there is also a lot of informatiom on global warming as well, then you go to another page and check out the results. It was a very interesting site from which you could learn quite a lot.
The 2nd artist I went to are Thomson and Craighead. They are british artists who use webcams to create some of there work. One of there works was showing the light in Tonga back in britain the day before. Because of the different time zones Tonga is ahead of Britain so they were able to show what the light was like on a certain date but back home it was still the night before. It is called Light From Tomorrow. The website is www.lightfromtomorrow.com. They have also used the same format of using webcams and filmed planes taking off from an airport called Short Films about Flying. They are bringing out another 10min film in July called A Short Film about War. It was made using some images from flickr and military and civilians blogs.

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